Advantage Capacitor C

No. 45561
End of production
  • Advantage capacitor C is connected to an ESC for a brushless motor.
    This capacitor suppresses the decline of power in the latter half of a running time.
    The average lap in race improves, leading to a shortening of total time.
    The characteristic of this capacitor suppresses excessive rise of torque for a modified motor.

    Please also check "Capacitor for Brush-less motor Chart for selection" are here.

    * There is a different effect depending upon the type of ESC that is used.
    * This unit has a polarity.
       This unit will brake when the polarity is not correct. Be sure to connect it correctly.
    * Please install with glue to chassis or ESC. Don't install to parts that may be hot. (ex: motor, etc)
    * Please stop using, when you feel that this unit is too hot or has a strange smell.
    We are not able to correspond to questions regarding other manufacturer’s ESC.
    Please ask the manufacture.


    How to use

    (1)Solder it to the battery (+) and battery (-) terminals of the ESC for your existing brushless motor.
     *You can cut off extra wire.
     *Please carefully pay attention to the polarity.
    (2)Advantage Capacitor should be affixed to ESC or chassis with commercially available double sided tape.
    *When soldering, please be careful to prevent burns and injuries.
    *If the ESC genuine capacitor has already been installed, remove it before installing Advantage Capacitor.


    Advantage Capacitor C x1

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