EX-RR Xpansion Manager Software Ver2.0.0.0 (First release)

We released Xpansion ManagerV2.0.0.0 for data management of EX-RR Xpansion(EXP-104S).

You can save data form EXP-104S Xpansion of EX-RR(and EX-6R By KYOSHO) to your PC.  And you can edit this data.

Also, This software can convert data from EXP-104 Xpansion(before V1.07).



 ・Edit Model data

It displays each parameter in graphical. You are seeing graph and can edit each data.. So you can check data of the transmitter with intuitive.



 ・Move data to PC from transimtter.
  You can move data to PC from Transmitter.

 ・Save data to Transmitter from PC
  Can save data to transmitter after editing data on the PC.

 ・Copy ,Delete  of Model data
  Can copy and delete data by drag and drop on the PC.

 ・Convert data from EXP_104
Can convert data format form the EXP-104 of the EX-2(EX-6).
      And You can use this data in the EXP-104S.
       *You can not download  data by this software to EXP-104(before V1.07)  
  (Please use XapnsionManagerV1.1 with EXP-104(before V1.07))
       *The data of new added function at EXP-104S Xpansion2.0 is set with initial data  by data converting.  

Please download data by ZIP. And unzip data before using.
You can use software after unzip.

If you can not download data by the warning messages.
In this case, please select "continue" in your browser.


Using products

You need to use Personal computer(Windows7,8,8.1,10). Item No.61028 ICS PC Adapter HS is required for downloading. The latest Driver(KO Driver2015) needs to be downloaded in advance. 
Don’t turn off Xpansion under while updating the files. In the worst case, Xpansion could get damaged and would not work. You need to send it to KO Japan for repair.


pdficon_large XpmanagerV2_0_manual_en.pdf ;Instruction Manual

 Zip_icon   Xpansion Manager V2.0  ;Manager Program

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