RSx3-one10 Flection Type-T

No. 30133
End of production



#Torque: 12.5Kg-cm Speed: 0.09sec/60deg(@7.4V)
#Torque: 11.8Kg-cm Speed: 0.10sec/60deg(@6.0V)

#Dimensions: 40.5×26×21mm (Low Profile)
#Weight: 53.3g
#Servo Lead: 180mm
#Operating voltage: 6.0~7.4V (Lipo,Life,Ni-MH)
#The hard alumite aluminum gear
#Core-less motor
#Dual ball bearings
#The hard servo gear shaft
#The aluminum top case
#The aluminum heat sink middle case
#Black cable
#Gold plated connector
#HCS Compatible

#Recommend category
 1/10 EP on road

Made in Japan.

  • Flection will touch the road with smooth cornering and low current consumption, and have received great popularity.
    Flection Type-T is installed preset data that compatible to Tamiya reguration. Also changed double anodized color to light blue. It is high-end coreless servo.

    Preset data were prepared for 5 models that compatible to Tamiya regulations.

    MODEL1, Asphalt high grip situations
    MODEL2, Carpet low grip situations (Selected)
    MODEL4, TAMIYA Challenge Kakegawa circuit
    MODEL5, Asphalt low grip situations


     By Low power consumption  Safe to ESC! ​

    BEC out put current of TAMIYA brushless ESC that listed in the TAMIYA regulation is 1.5A.  It means if using ESC that need over 1.5A, the possibility of failure will increase. So,If servos receives overload in the crush etc, the possibility of failure are high.
    In such a situation, Flection TypeT is designed to make it difficult for a current of 1.5 A or more to flow. But this performance as same as high end servos. Servo that have good operation feeling and decrease possibility of failure in the ESC.
    It is Flection TypeT


    ■A supple and powerful driving feel that touches the road!

    Flection means flexible and Curvature, it will touch the road with smooth cornering. With the delicate operation and enhanced torque of the newly developed core-less motor, we have acquired an unprecedented handling performance.



    ■New design aluminum top case

    After the primary anodizing, further cutting and a secondary anodizing is applied. The top case is manufactured through a double anodizing process and is finished by becoming very lightweight while securing adequate strength by cutting the inner thickness to the limit. A delicate and fearless design form was born, which imagined the suppleness and strength of Flection.


    ■Easy handling black servo lead

    The black cable that is installed also has the softness that is optimum for handling while securing the necessary current capacity.




    Compatible for H.C.S

    HCS (High speed Communcation System) is the new high speed communication system between the receiver to the servo. The HCS mode shortens communication time of the signal which is compressed. HCS compatible servos is changing mode automatically by signal from receiver. So HCS compatible servos can use with all receivers.

    If you want to use servos by HCS, please use with HCS compatible receivers.(KR-415FHD,KR-418FH)


    The modes you can select on your servo depend on the transmitter and receiver you are using. Please refer to the table below.


    Installed preset settings

    The following factory MODEL settings are pre-installed. 
    You can change setting by Servo model selector.


    MODEL1, Asphalt high grip situations
    MODEL2, Carpet low grip situations (Selected)
    MODEL4, TAMIYA Challenge Kakegawa circuit
    5, Asphalt low grip situations

    *Model2 is selected in Factory setting.

    Inherit the ICS system of RSx / BSx!

    The RSx / BSx series active worldwide makes common ICS system available. Although the optimum parameters for normal running are set at the time of shipment, it is also possible to further refine each parameter by connecting it to the PC. Please download ICS Servo Manager from here.

    *ICS USB adapter HS is required to connect with PC.



    Servo x1
    Grommet x4
    Screw for Horn x1

  • RSx3-one10 Flection

    End of production
    No. 30130

    BSx3-one 10 Grasper

    End of production
    No. 30214

    Carbon Servo Horn 16.5mm

    End of production
    No. 36026

    Carbon Servo Horn 18.5mm

    End of production
    No. 36027

    Carbon Servo Horn 20.0mm

    End of production
    No. 36028

    ICS-USB Adapter HS

    No. 61028

    Servo Model Selector

    End of production
    No. 61029
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