Advantage Capacitor D

No. 45562

  • It is a capacitor specialized for drift category that controls the rising torque feeling by attaching to ESC for brushless motor. The torque at acceleration accelerates smoothly while achieving the reproducibility of delicate throttle work which becomes important with drift angle control, so that there is a margin for power control, the degree of freedom of line tracing increases and the lap time also improves .

    Please look at this page for another capacitor for brushless motor.



    【How to use】

    (1) Solder to the battery (+) and battery (-) terminals of the ESC for your existing brushless motor.
    · You can cut extra code.
    ※ Please be careful about polarity sufficiently.
    (2) Advantage Capacitor D should be attached to ESC or chassis with commercially available double-sided tape.
    (Photo is MEGA Advantage Capacitor No,45560)
    *When soldering, please be careful enough for burns, injuries.
    * If the ESC genuine capacitor has already been installed, remove it and install the Advantage Capacitor D.


    Advantage capacitor D x1

  • Capacitor for Brush-less motor Chart for selection