Mega Advantage Capacitor Slim

No. 45563

For Brushless Motor<designated for stock class>
Size:45.0 x19.7 11.2mm(not included cable)
*Effect will be different by ESC.

  • Mega Advantage capasitor that is useful items for electric stock category, it is chenge dimensions.
    It will be  easy install to electric sedan car that is small space for capacitor intration.

    Pleae refer this page about another capacisot.​



    (1) Soldering to battery terminal (+) and (-) of your  brushless ESC.
         You can cut out a part of not using cable.
        * Please notice for polarity of ESC.

    (2)Please install to ETC or chassis by double sided tape.

    (This photo is Mega Advantage capacitor No,45560))
    *Please be careful not to burn yourself or injure yourself when soldering.
    *I*If you using other capacitor that was included in your ESC, please remove this before install mega advantage capacitor slim.


    MEGA advantage capacitor Slim x1

  • Advantage Capacitor B

    End of production
    No. 45559

    Advantage Capacitor C

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    No. 45561
  • ESC

    MEGA Advantage Capacitor Manual