MC-8 2.4GHz MX-F MAKE-B (MD-2 Twin Motor mixing ESC set)

No. 80717

<MC-8 2.4GHz MX-F MAKE-B (MD-2 Twin Motor mixing ESC set) >

●MD-2 (Twin motor Mixing ESC) are included.
●This is excellent choice for electronics hobby robot or RC car these use caterpillars with 2 motors.

【MC-8 Specifications】
●2.4GHz MX-F Multi controller
●Dimensions: 150.0×84.5×61.0mm
●Weight: 145.5g(except battery)
●Power source: AAA dry battery, AAA rechargeable battery x 4pcs (separately sales)
●Current: less than 50mA   using over 17 hours (It will be changed by situations)
●Channel number: 8   Stick operation 4 + switch operation 4
●Frequency: 2.4GHz
●Compatible receiver: MR-8  (cannot use FHSS compatible receiver as KR-211FH)

【MR-8 specifications】
Please check here 

【MD-2(Twin Motor Mixing ESC) specifications】
Please check here

Please check note for using. It is here.

Made in Japan

  • <MC-8 2.4GHz MX-F MAKE-B (MD-2 Twin Motor mixing ESC set) >

    MD-2 (Twin motor Mixing ESC) are included.
    ●This is excellent choice for electronics hobby robot or RC car these use caterpillars with 2 motors.


    It can control 8 channel.

    The number of the channels used for RC models refers to the number of the controllable movable parts. In general RC model, it is 2 or 4 channel, however, MC-8 can use maximum 8channel of CH-A to H same time.


    You can customize general models to RC models and use enjoy.

    You can customize general models or wired control models that are sold in shops to RC models and use. As example, wired remote control models are controlled by wired controller, but you can customize to radio control model by adding MR-8 receiver. And you can control models by more long distance.
    Also, control channel is 8, so you can also operate multi motors, add servo motors, light up LED as like free customize.

    Example using

        ・Radio controller: Muti controller MC-8(Transmitter)+ MR-8((Receiver)
        ・Speed controller: MD-2 (Twin motor mixing ESC) x1
        ・Battery:Battery Unit +  AA size dry battery x 4pcs
        80717 MC-8 2.4GHz MX-F MAKE-B(MD-2 Twin motor ESC) set are included all of follows items.
        * Battery is separately sales.

    This machine has total 2 motor in each left and right-side tire. Thes 2 motor are controlled by one MD-2. MD-2 connect to channel that you want to use for control of receiver MR-8. So, you can set operation method as you like, as example as forward/reverse by up/down stick in right side. Each unit are connected by connector, so you can change operation method easily by change connecting channel position.

    We recommend MC-8 and MR-8 as like as items that for you customize models by freedom idea.
    Also, by same reason, recommend MD-2 too.

    MD-2(Twin motor mixing ESC)

    MD-2 is speed controller that can control 2pcs of the motor by 1 pc of unit. This can control as like as general RC car in even if tank that has 2 pcs motor, forward /reverse by up/down stick operation 
    also turn right/left by left/right stick operation. These cause by mixing function in the MD-2. This makes it possible to realize a true / super-credit turn in addition to the intuitive operation similar to an RC car.

    [Glossary] Mixing is a function in which the microcomputer controls the motor by adding calculations and processing based on the operation at hand. In this case, by rotating one of the motors in the opposite direction, one stick can move forward and backward and turn left and right.


    Example, when SIG1 connecter of MD-2 connect to the CH-A of MC-8 and SIG2 connect to the CH-D of MC-8, up-down operation by CH-A stick is for Forward/Reverse control and left-right operation by CH-D stick is for turn left/right control.

    Please see this product page for detail.


    Children can use MC-8 easily with the small size and light weight body.​

    MC-8 is less than 200g even when batteries are installed. Children can use this for a long time without getting tired. The product is designed for use by children and adults in mind for less discomfort. Parents can enjoy the product together with children, too.


    Safety even when used by small children.​

    The security design to prevent battery removal by children is adopted.

    MC-8 uses AAA batteries, but the design securely fixes the battery cover with a screw. A screwdriver is required for removal of the battery cover from the unit. The screw also has a fall prevention washer so the screw will not be lost.

    Also the battery box design will not allow the unit to turn on if the batteries are inserted incorrectly.

    After usage, you can turn off the unit with a long press of the power switch, but if forgotten to be turned off after 5 minutes of non-use (total of 10 minutes after the alarm) it will shut down automatically as a safety design.


    Includes compatible receiver MR-8

    MR-8 is compatible with the MC-8 receiver. (Receiver accepts the radio signal from the transmitter and outputs signals to each device.) The format of the signal from the MR-8 is general RC, so you can use it with our servos, ESC and each device in a RTR set.

    (※1)We have confirmed the TAMIYA XB Series, KYOSHO RTR.
               But we cannot test all models, so we cannot guaranty all models.

    MC-8 has a reverse function that can change the signal directions, so it can change the signal when the signal direction is reversed but the direction of the installed devices. Also, the end point can be set to help prevent servos from being broken by over operating the steering. MC-8 has the necessary functions to operate RC cars and customization to satisfy you.


    MR-8 can be used with easy operation. Please insert connector to the channel you want to use. 

    For example, if you want to control the steering with CH-B of the MC-8, insert the connector of the steering servo to B of the MC-8. Turn on the MC-8 and then the MR-8 to control the steering with the MC-8.



      ※ Company name, products name is Trademark or registered trademark by each company in this article.


    Receiver: Multi receiver MR-8 ×1
    ESC: MD-2(Twin Motor Mixing ESC) x1
    Battery box / switch: RX Switch Harness w/Dry battery holder x1


  • ESC

    MD-2 Instruction Manual