BSx2/ 3 Servos Factory setting data(for ICS Servo Manager2.0)

   Factory Setting data


This is the factory default setting data which can use by the Servo Manager2.0.
File name and compatible models as below:

BSx2/3-One10Power: BSx2One10Power_default.kpd​
BSx2/3-One10Response: BSx2One10Response_default.kpd
BSx2 Power, BSx2 PowerHC: BSx2Power_default.kpd
BSx2 Response, BSx2 Response HC: BSx2Response_default.kpd​: 
BSx2/3-One10 Grasper for Export model (Model2-5): Grasper_default_forExport.kpd
BSx2/3-One10 Grasper  for Japan market(Model1): Grasper_default_JPN.kpd​

Please unzip after you have downloaded the files.

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