Explanation of tip of the receiver's antenna.

2021.10.22 <Receivers>


I'd like to talk about the antenna wire routing.

We have explained this in the instruction manual, but we still see some users using it incorrectly.


Here is the correct answer! Make sure that the tip of the antenna wire does not stick out from the antenna pipe.


These are No Good. Do not use them if they are sticking out of the antenna pipe or if you bend the end of the antenna wire.

The antenna wire will be damaged by contact with the road surface or by strain when falling.



The 2.4GHz shielded antenna wire receives radio waves from the radio at the 3cm (uncoated part) of the tip.

If this part is completely lost or shortened, the reception sensitivity will be greatly reduced.

The reception sensitivity cannot be improved by removing the coating from the shortened part. If it's damaged, replace it as soon as possible!

Just make sure your antenna wires are in good working order at all times, and enjoy safe and secure RC driving!

Thank you again for reading this article.

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