EX-2 Expert Set

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I will write about EX-2 Expert set of our new items. 

We released EX-2 as middle range radio set. However this supported KIY concept. So customer can change each unit by himself.
A lot of Driver using EX-2 for race now. 

We released EX-2 Expert set for expert class driver.

EX-2 Expert set

No. 80570

<Receiver KR-413FH>
#dimention:230×163×107mm(It doesn't contain a prominence.)
#Weight:528g(It doesn't contain battey.)
#Battery: UM-4 or AAA ,Ni-MH( separately sales) x4
   Life(2cell 6.6V)
* Li-fe and Lipo battey can use with Battery stand(option unit).
#Current: less than 150mA以下 
# Number of channels: 4
#Frequency: 2.4GHz

#Compatible receivers:
KR-413FH  / 241FH / 212FHG / 211FH / 411FH


Contents of EX-2 Expert Set

The Master unit are EX-2 Master unit with Xpansion unit EXP -104A.
This is same as EX-2 Standard edition or select  pack.。

The Grip unit is Expert Grip. This is same unit as EX-1. So you can use ET-4 and ET-5 on the Grip unit.

Steering Unit are Drop Extension Unit which is Light weight and conpact.
This position is near the throttle trigger. So you will feel good position.

Receiver is KR-413FH. 
Response of KR-413FH receiver  are good than KR-241FH which is receiver of standard edition.
This diffrential are 400% muximam. And Antenna is shield type which is  good for the anti noise performance.

You can use EX-2 Expert set for the race immediately.


Thank you for reading.


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