HCS setA (Flection)

  • This is compatible for HCS function set of receiver Servo and Servo model selector.

    This is a more advantageous set than purchasing for each product.

    Channel1 of receiver setthing is HCS mode by factory setting. You can use servo of the product without receiver's setthing.

    Compatible for H.C.S

    HCS (High speed Communcation System) is the new high speed communication system between the receiver to the servo. The HCS mode shortens communication time of the signal which is compressed. HCS compatible servos is changing mode automatically by signal from receiver. So HCS compatible servos can use with all receivers.

    If you want to use servos by HCS, please use with HCS compatible receivers. 
    Please visit our explain for HCS.

    RSx3-One10 Flection

    ■A supple and powerful driving feel that touches the road!

    Flection means flexible and Curvature, it will touch the road with smooth cornering. With the delicate operation and enhanced torque of the newly developed core-less motor, we have acquired an unprecedented handling performance.



    ■A completely newly designed, new generation of core-less motor is adopted!

    A completely newly designed core-less motor has succeeded in greatly reducing power consumption while pursuing extreme performance at a size that can be mounted on a low profile servo. We have dramatically reduced the probability of adverse phenomena such as weakness of servo due to the ESC BEC circuit current dropping.


    ■New design aluminum top case

    After the primary anodizing, further cutting and a secondary anodizing is applied. The top case is manufactured through a double anodizing process and is finished by becoming very lightweight while securing adequate strength by cutting the inner thickness to the limit. A delicate and fearless design form was born, which imagined the suppleness and strength of Flection.


    Installed preset settings

    The following factory MODEL settings are pre-installed. 
    You can change setting by Servo model selector.


     MODEL1. EP on-road car. (Selected)

     MODEL2. EP on-road car for carpet

     MODEL3. EP on-road car for low grip situations.

     MODEL4. 1/10 Nitro car Steering.

     MODEL5. 1/10 Nitro car Throttle.

    *Model 1 is selected in Factory setting.


    2.4GHz FHSS receiver includes dual receiver circuits​

    KR-415FHD achieves a highly precise receiving performance with the use of a dual circuit and an external and internal antenna. 


    The pale -type case design

    This is 5.5 mm thiner  than previous models.
    So, Car gravity is  lower, and you can easy installation to the Radio box on the car.

    Shorter Antenna for Electric touring car.​

    Antenna normal length is 210mm.(Antenna socket to top of antenna.) And Short type is 90mm length.
    In the case of short antenna, Accesstable to install an antenna tube directly  to the receiver case.
    It fits into the body of the electric touring car clearly.


    New HCS compatible

    The HCS mode shortens the communication time of the signal which has been compressed.
    KR-415FHD can change a mode to each channel 1-4 indiviually.

    HCS is a communication method to largely improve linearity of the servo movement. When using HCS mode, correspondence servos(ex, RSx3/BSx3series)are required. The correspondence servo recognizes both modes automatically.

    How to change the mode.​

    1,Switch off the receiver and connect the mode selector to a channel that you would like changed.
    2,While pushing the set button on the receiver, turn the power source ON. When the LED of the mode selector lights up, the change is completed。

    The correspondence servo recognizes both modes automatically. So you do not change mode operation to the servo. 


    Initial setting of each channel

    In this product,  Channel 1receiver setting  is HCS mode. So you can use Servo in this product without receiver setting.
    Channel 2 setting is Normal mode. So, you can use your ESC without change.

    Servo model Selector

    The Servo Model Selector is a product that changes the model memory selection of KO PROPO RSx and BSx series servos easily.

    #What is memory of servos.

    RSx, Bsx series(except Bsx Standard).  Thease servos can memorize settings of each parameter  in a servo.

    You can change models of servos.

    #About the specification of the main unit

    Connect wire of Servo moel selector to Receiver.( or Battery) and connect servo to this Unit. You will know the model number memory by the number of flashes from the LED.
    The number of flashes of the LED are changed by pushing the button of the unit.

    Current model number is the pattern of flashes of the LED.

    #Product usage

    Factory setting of each servos  are diffrent. Now(May 2016), No.1 to No.5 memories are same parameter.
    But BSx2 one10 Grasper has 2 diffrent model in memories.

    Model1 is High spec setting for expert racing. Model2 is more mild setting for drivers. Factory default setthing is model2.
    If you use Servo model selector, you can change models of servos easily. 

    And you can download some servo setting from our site. Ex RSx12 are 5 setthings in our site.
    Please see support tab in on eath products page.


    RSx3-One10 Flection x1
    KR-415FHD ShortAntenna x1
    Servo Model Selector x1

  • RSx3-one10 Flection

    End of production
    No. 30130

    KR-415FHD Short Antenna

    End of production
    No. 21010

    Servo Model Selector

    End of production
    No. 61029

    Rx mode selector

    No. 61031

    RS Set with Grasper

    End of production
    No. 92391

    RS Set with RSx3-12

    End of production
    No. 92392

    Drift Set SG-1 [ RSx3-one10 Ver.D with KG-X ]

    End of production
    No. 92399