Xpansion update Ver2.00 (same as EX-RR software)

If caution message appears by your browser and you cannot download the files, please click the right  button and select ‘continue’

These files are update for EX-2 Xpansion firmware. After update, a new version will be changed to V2.00. You can find this number in startup screen of Xpansion. By applying this updater, it becomes the V 2.00 software of the EX-RR  standard.


The following contents will be improved by updating from V1.0X to V2.00.

· Throttle> Push control function was added.
· 2Way was added to steering> speed function.
· Three wheels were added to throttle> speed function.
· Throttle> Acceleration / ABS function can be set in detail.
· Steering> Balance L / R was added to override function.
· Exponential calculator was added to System> calculator function.
· System> Timer added a down timer function.
· Steering / Throttle's response within the feel function is steering / throttle independent setting made possible.
· System> English notation / Japanese notation can be switched at lunguage setting..
· Improvement of operability and improvement of defects etc.

For details on how to use the new function, please refer to the EX-RR Manual.


[Update procedure]
1,Please down load 3 files.(Manual by pdf. Boot loader program, Update file, as seen below).  Boot loader program and update file are zip files. So please unzip before using.

* If you update from V1.0X to V 2.00 or later, the model data before update will be deleted.
Please use Xpansion Manager V 2.0 for data inheritance.

2,Please check manual(pdf) and run boot loader program in your PC.

You need to use  Personal computer(Windows7,8,8.1,10). Item No.61028 ICS PC Adapter HS is required for downloading. The latest Driver(KO Driver2015) needs to be downloaded in advance. 
*Don’t turn off Xpansion under while updating the files. In the worst case, Xpansion could get damaged and would not work. You need to send it to KO Japan for repair.
*It does not correspond to rewriting (downgrade) from V2.10 to V2.00.
*Also, It does not correspond to rewriting (downgrade) from V2.00 to lower versions.


 Manual for update Ver1.2     870Kbytes
  Boot loader Program            2.35Mbytes
 Update file Ver2.00                720kbytes

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