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NEW Manual Ver.2.02 (for Xpansion Ver.2.02.00/Master Unit Ver.2.01.00)A note has been added to p. 53/63 of the manual regarding the new "Steering/Throttle Deadband" function in accordance with the Expansion Unit Ver. 2.02.00 released on June 22, 2022.

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Manual Ver.2.01 (for Xpansion Ver.2.01.00/Master Unit Ver.2.00.00)
In line with the content of Xpansion Unit Ver. 2.01.00 released on December 14, 2021, the new TIMER function "FUEL TIMER" has been added on page 31 of the manual.

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Manual Ver.2.00 (for Xpansion/Master Unit Ver.2.00.00)
Content related to the "Mini-Z Mode" has been added.

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Manual Ver.1.01 (for Xpansion Ver.1.00.09)

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Manual Ver1.00 ( for Xpansion Ver.1.00.00 )

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