About ICS(new version 10.2017)

What is ICS ?

I.C.S are intial of Interactive・Communication・System. This is data communication standard for KOPROPO products.
RC equipment using Micro computer for control or display etc.
By accessing mutually PC interface and RC equipment, more merits are born.
There are lot of KOPROPO products that are compatible such as transmitters EX-1, EX-2, EX-RR, Digital servos such as RSx3, BSx2, and ESC.
Please use the ICS to enjoy your rc life.


#EX-2 Xpansion manager screen (PC softsoftware by Windows)


What changes can be made?

Example, RSx2,RSx3 and BSx2 servos be able to setting as shown below by PC or ICS compatible equipment. 

Change model memory
 The servo has 5 models memories and that can be change.

 This is the setting of the retention characteristic of the servo.
   You can create a characteristic like an analog servo for a setting.


 This set the maximum speed of the servo.


 Improvement of the Initial response in move.

Dead band

 The setting of the neutral band.


 The characteristic when the servo stops at neutral.
   Brake timing selection before the stopping position or after the stopping position. 

  The direction of servo movement can be reversed.


How can I use this?​

You can connect with a PC by using the  ICS USB Adapter HS(No.61028).

*You must prepare these items for use as below.
  Microsoft Windows(7/8/8.1/10) compatible personal computer with USB port.

  Please download diriver(KO Driver) from here.


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