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2015.2.27 <Receivers>, Electrical Switch


This time, we will explain No.61028 Electrical switch2.


This is popular items for 1/8 off road category and this is useful for 1/8 GT category (ex. Kyosho inferno GT2) too.
This usage is very easy.

First, Electrical Switch2 is fixed on the radio box in the car with Double-sided tape.
Male connector of Electrical switch2 connect to Batt terminal of receiver.
Battery(Li-po,Li-fe or Ni-MH) connected to the female connector of Electrical switch2.

Push the switch on center of the electrical switch to turn on power.


And if you want to turn off the power, you must push and hold switch for more than 3 second. This is designed  for safety.
Feature of Electrical Switch2 is that is has a CPU memory  for situation of switch. 
With a voltage drop the switch will not turn off.
This is our products advantage.

Also Electrical Switch2 has voltage indicator, so you can confirm voltage of Receiver battery.
The volatage is displayed with a 5 step pattern as below.
Over 5.5V  Red  -> Over 6V  Yellow ->Over 6.5V Green ->Over7.0V Green ->Over 7.5V Green 
Ex) You use Li-po battery as full charged. -> 5 lamp is ON light.

Note: Not all lamp are on for all battery types.



Life or Ni-MH are lower voltage from Lipo, there are 3 or 4 of the lamps on. But it is an ormal condition. Do not worry.
Also, Lipo battery has damage when over discharge. So, Electrical switch2 has a "Li-po mode".
Factory setting is on in "Li-po mode".
Supply voltage is low when battery voltage is under 6V. You will feel the servos becoming slow.
This is sign of limit of the Li-po battery. Please stop the car, and change or charge battery, so, you battery is not damaged due to low voltage.

But if you use it in the race, it is no good for performance. You can also feel the servos slow when servo received large load.
In this case, you can turn the  Lipo mode off.  Don't forget this is at your risk. 
In the worst case , you battery will be your battery has damaged.




Sometimes powe does not turn off after use.
It cause by pushing the switch less than 3 second.

If transmitter power is Of,f power and Receiver is on, fail safe will happen. If your fail safe setting is strong brake, it is not good for servos. Please  switch off  after use by pushing the switch for more than  3 second.


If you are using a normal infernoGT2, the wire  ayout as shown in the photos are good for use.






Also Radio box for Inferno MP9 can be used in the InfernoGT2.

The parts can move the heavy weight of the battery box to the front and has a better effect for the car setting.
Also it provide a good space to install the Electrical switch2.


Thank you for reading.

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