EX-NEXT Explanation of "battery fail safe".

2021.10.15 EX-NEXT, Other radio’s topic


This time I'd like to introduce you to the battery fail-safe function of EX-NEXT.

I'm going to introduce the EX-NEXT battery failsafe function.
"This is not a problem with the radio or receiver.
This is not a problem with the radio or receiver, but a warning that the voltage supply to the receiver is low.

If you go to "FUNCTION" -> "TLMY" -> "BT F/S" and press ENT, "BATTERY FAIL SAFE" will be displayed.

Press ENT to display "BATTERY FAIL SAFE" and set "CURRENT" to the current voltage supplied to the receiver.


In the factory default state of EX-NEXT, it will vibrate to notify you when the voltage drops below 5.5V.
If the vibration is activated when the voltage drops as shown in the image, please check the following points.


1 Check the error message.

If the vibration has been activated, press, and hold the "BACK" button on the initial screen of EX-NEXT.

If the problem is caused by low voltage of the receiver, the display will look like this.

It will inform you; Receiver voltage is low.


The factory default setting is OFF for the failsafe function, but if it is set to ON and the failsafe is activated, "ACTIVE" will be displayed in "RECEIVER FAIL-SAFE:". This means that the receiver voltage is low, and the failsafe is activated.


So, let's find out what's causing it.


2 Check the voltage of the running/receiver batteries.

Normally, the battery is over 8V when fully charged, but sometimes one cell is damaged and has only half the voltage.
This will cause it to fall below the set value of 5.5V, which will activate the battery failsafe warning.
Check the battery voltage with a battery checker or tester.

A damaged receiver battery can lead to a serious accident such as runaway in an engine car. Replace the battery with a new one as soon as possible.


3 Problem with the BEC voltage of the speed controller?

If the voltage of the running battery is fine, but the voltage is below 5.5V, the
The BEC circuit of the speed controller may be damaged. Try replacing the speed controller to see if it improves.


4 The fail-safe setting voltage is too high.

It is possible to set the voltage higher than the factory setting, but

If it is too high, the fail-safe function may be activated even though the mechanism and battery are fine.

However, if the voltage is too high, the fail-safe function may be activated even though the mechanism and battery are fine.

If you are using an electric car, it is recommended to run the car at 5.5V.


That is all.

You may be surprised when the vibration of the radio suddenly starts, but please calm down and try to find the cause.

Check the condition of the battery and mechanical components and enjoy RC safely.

Thank you again for reading this issue!




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