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Compatible for HCS! KR-415FHD

2016.12.13 < Radios >, EX-RR, <Receivers>, KR-415FHD, < HCS >
We introduce our new KR-415FHD receiver to you. More

EX-2 Expert Set

2016.6.8 < Radios >, EX-2, <New Products>
I will write about EX-2 Expert set of our new items. More

EX-2 Select pack

2016.4.15 < Radios >, EX-2, <New Products>
I will introduce for EX-2 Select pack. More

Setting of fail safe

2013.3.22 < Radios >, EX-1 KIY, <Receivers>, KR-413FH
This time, I introduce fail safe setting of receivers. Our receiver has function of fail safe ... More

Pairing of the EX-1 and Receivers

2013.3.16 < Radios >, EX-1 KIY
I will write operation of pairing. More

Let's assemble the EX-1

2013.3.8 < Radios >, EX-1 KIY
This story is about assembly and VR Adjustment. You must do the procedure in first time use of ... More

How to use EX-1(3)

2013.3.6 < Radios >, EX-1 KIY
Last Blog was intoduction of each unit selection. I will write other options for EX-1 in this blog. More

How to use EX-1 (2)

2013.3.1 < Radios >, EX-1 KIY
I wrote photo of eact unit in last blog. I will write detail of each unit. More

How to use EX-1 (1)

2013.2.26 < Radios >, EX-1 KIY
I will introduce information of EX-1(KIY) function and using etc in this blog. More