Procedure of update Xpansion to V2.12

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We are release Xpansion updatesoftwareV2.12.
Software in the Xpansion Unit of EX-RR/EX-2 are able be update to EX-RR(V2.12) that is latest version.In Ver2.12 software, added Hand brake function and break in function, so, many change from older version.
Recommend check this blog and update your Xpansion.


1,What is update?

EX-2 Xpansion software have function that able be update software.
This is  function that can version up by download software file from KOPROPO site by using personal computer.


2、Necessary things for update.

(1) Personal computer
Windows 7 or later required ,USB port of one. In detail spec, required .NET Framework 3.0 or later installed. but this is installed already in the Windows 7 or later , so it is no problem.


(2) ICS USB Adapter HSIt is interface for connecting Xpansion Unit to PC.
Can buy from shop that handling our products.
Please install driver software to PC by check the manual before using.
Please refer procedure the case of using Windows10 by here.
3.6.2023 KO Driver 2023 is now available for Windows 10 / 11. Please use this version.


(3)Download files for using (3 files)
①BootloaderV1.0:It is software for update files for PC.                                        

*Each file are compressed, please uncompress before using to folder in your PC.
EXP-104UpdaterV1.0.exe in the uncompressed is this software.
Now, don't run software. Please only check the each files in forder.

These software can downloded from Updater download page.



②Update file V2.12:It is file for writing to Xpansion.
Update file is Bootloader_20190408_V212.bin in the left figure.
These file used  with software that downloaded in  (1) as above.
It is OK that only check the file in the folder.
(File name will may be change by update.)

These software can downloded from Updater download page.


③Xpansion Manager V2.12:This is software for convert data from old version to use for new Xpansion firmware.

XpansionManagerV2_1_2_0.exe is software file in one of file in the uncompressed folder.。It is OK that only check the file in the folder.
Please doesn't start software yet.


③These software can downloded from here.

27th of June 2019 add

We are updated file to V2.1.2.1 by some changes. (File was replacement.)
In this article, explanation and capture photo are still V. But operation method is not changed.


3,Let's back up model data that using now.

In V2.12 is added new function from older version. So, data is reseted after update forcibly.
So,Recommend back up model data to PC. If you have many data that make so far, you don't need make by backup data in the PC.

Caution!)Model number 36 to 40 are deleted when update from V2.00 to V2.12. if you need these data, move to  before number 35 or back up to EX-XpansionManagerV2.0 in the PC.


Run file EX-XpansionManagerV2.12 that downloaded. Please set the com port on the left down of window when window is opened by software is started.

In this photo. com port is COM5, but it will be changed by each environment of PC.。
※If yo can not find ICS USB ADAPTER HS(COM*), it is not complete to install driver software. Please refer this article.


Connecting extension cable which is included in ICS USB Adpter HS to Xpansion
※Please noted orientation of connector.
   There are nail of connector in right side as like right photo, it is correct orientation of the  connector.
※Do not turn on power in the EX-RR/2 transmitter. Please noted.。


If displayed screen as like 「READ EX >>> PC」「WRIT PC >>> EX X」「EXIT >> POWER OFF」, it is OK.


Please select Read Xpansion version in the Xpansion Manager software.
※Please confirm certainly this version, because data format will be changed by update to V2.12.

※"Read Xpanshion version" is means before update.
If you can not find your xpansion version. Please remove connect with ICS USB Adaptor and turn on the your transmitter. Version is display in the right down screen at start up screen.Pleae turn off transmitter and conect again after confirm version.


After select version, push "Vx.xx Data read"button. Confirm window is appear. Pleae select "OK". Data read from your transmitter to this software. And version confirm window is appared. Read data was converted for V2.12 automatically. This data is not compatibel with earler version. So, Please do not write to transmitter again.

Backup are OK when read model data as like up side figure.To be on the safe side, Please click save button in the software for save data to PC.
After backup is complete, Please change to OFF in the com port setting at software and remove connector from Xpansion. 


4,update firmware

Please run EXP-104UpdaterV1.0.EXE in the BootloadreV1.0 folder that downloaded and uncompressed.

This software will be displayed on the screen for the next operation as like upside figure.

In the next display, it is appear "insert connector from ICS USB Adaptor to the Xpansion While  push command button".
it is work with only Xpansion. So, Let's remove xpansion from transmitter.
※Please work this by refer to instruction manual.

In this photo, using toothpick for pushu button in the Xpansion.

If "STARTING PROGRAM UPDATE!" is appear in the screen. It is OK. Please operate by instructions in the software.
Please refer "Bootloader_XXXXXX_VXXX.bin" file in the folder that downloaded and un complessed.
Let's start update.
※While update, please do not touch the USB adaptor, connection cable, Xpansion unit as possible.
And please stop software in the PC that is not necessary.
※If timeout error is appeared, please operate software again from first step. but do not remove connector cable that is  connecting with Xpansion and ICS USB adaptor.In this case, restart softwae must be over 2 times. If timeout error is appeared again, please retry without give up.


If displayed "download success" in the software, Update is completed.
Please remove connector fron Xpansion and install Xpantion to transmitter.


5,  All operation will be complete after write data.

Write back model data to Xpansion.
First, Turn on transmitter. It will be start for all reset by automatically.

And appeared VR information screen after all reset.
Please operate sterring each right and left to full, operate throttle  each foward and reverse  to full.
 These operation are initialized operaion for using.

Please push OK in the VR INFORMATION.
Turn off transmitter after appear initial screen.

Please insert connector to Xpansion from ICS USB Adapter without turn on transmitter.
Do not turn on transmitter.

Communication mode is appeared in the screen as like right phot.

Set to OFF to COM* in the COM port setting at Xpansion Manager software, and  push "write"  button.

Confirmation window is appeared. Write operation is started when push OK button.

If appeared confirmation windows of "Xpansion data write OK", data write operation is completed.Please exit Xpansion manager software and remove USB connection cable.
If turn on transmitter, you  can use model data that you had using in the older version in the new version.

It will be  initial setting data in all of added new function.
Please refer toEXーRR(V2.12) Manual for about new functions before using.
This is manual for EX-RR, but if you using EX-2, it is same.

If you have any question, Please contact us by email (

Thank you for reading  this article.


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