Released EX-NEXT latest update file.

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This article is about EX-NEXT Update file. I will introduce added functions.

You can download 2 kinds of the update file for the master unit and for the Xpansion from this URL.

Please read this procedure and update.


For Mater unit Ver2.00.01

 This purpose is to update the quality of radio communication.


For Xpansion unit Ver2.02.00

 Added new function that Dead band for Steering and Throttle.

 Fixed minor bug.


 New function Dead band will be adjusted amount of not working near neutral in the Steering and Throttle operation.

A case neutral setting is too sensitive, 

For example, use this when the brakes work unintentionally when the throttle is returned to neutral from the front.

Especially in the MINI-Z where the vehicle weight is light, I think it is better to set the brake side of the dead band of the throttle to 2nd or 3rd place.

But, if set too large a value, driving will be difficult. Please set step by step from a small value.


Thank you for reading!

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