ENS Round2 in Germany.

2016.6.23 <Race Report>, World


Mr.Tonu Gruber  is 2nd position in ENS Round 2 at 1/8 racing Class in Germany 

Mr.Toni is right side in photo. He has EX-2 Radio. Left side in photo are Mr.Simon Kubuch who is world champion. And he is winner in this race.

ENS are "Euro Nitro Series". This race is at the 5 times in the year and place is different by each race.

A many driver joins this race from Euro and USA etc. There are some World Champion and the finalist. 

This result says EX-2 are able to use in the big race. 

This photo is the honor platform. Light side with black T-shuit is Mr.Toni Gruber. He printed our logo to his T-Shuit.
His car is ARC and Engine is Nova Rossi.


He used RSx2 Servos to Steering and Throttle. There are no problem in Final of 45 minutes.

You can see his car's photo in Red RC.


This post souse is from RedRC .

And Photo By Red RC.




1/12 Japan National will open in Yatabe

(Photo By :Tokyo PhotoGraph Mr.Atsushi Akira)

1/12 Racing category is very first speed .Body by painted is one of the highlight. 

Please visit to Yatabe.

Thank you for reading.

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