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2018.8.31 <New Products>, Electrical Switch


We will release Electrical Switch3 that is evolusion model fron Electrical switch2.
This sale start will be End of September at schedule.

In this time, I will introduce detail of <Electrical Switch3>.


High brightness LED ensures visibility!​

First Characteristic of Electrical switch3 is voltage monitor by built in 7 segment LED.
You may be think that 7 segment LED is not new technology. But this products using situation is in the out door.
There are direct sunlight, large temperature changes and etc. We are choice 7 segment LED by this difficult environment for using.
It will be can check the voltage even if under strong sunlight.


Adopted a translucent case!​

We are choice a translucent case. So you can easy check the status of switch.
You can check the status of switch without remove body of car  as like photo.

So, you will be without mistakes as like turn off the switch after driving, it does not turn on before driving, etc.

We had testing with H-K1 of KM racing, Can monitoring it evin if switch position are hidden by other items.

Case size are easy to handle!​

Case size are 39.2 x 17.5 x 95mm. It is as same as Electric switch2. Also it is as same as bottom case size of Standard/Low profile servo. You can easily install to the space of servo's bottom case as like photo of KH-1.


Practical voltage display function installed!​

7 segment LED are not only voltage display, it is can display minimumm voltage casue by the load change in the driving.

"7.3V" are displaied as like upper photo when turn on the power. In this way, real time voltage are displayed until 5 sec from turn on power. From after 5 sec until turn off power, minimum voltage are hold and displayed. 
In right side photo,it is situation of dropped voltage displayed  by load.

Reason of such a fuction are that Sevral servos are need large current and happend  dropped power by such a large curennt in the race, etc. So, It is important to keep the battery voltage within the rated voltage range under load, not no load state.
Please testing with use this function. You will be to know battery conditions. And it is useful for choice the servos.


Other function are same as Electrical Switch2 and not changed!

Of course, all the functions that were installed in the previous models are inherited.

■The CPU remembers the current power state ON/OFF. 

It prevents the power supply from turning off due to poor contact of the connector or momentary voltage drop at overload.

■Equipped with Li-Po mode

This is a function to prevent battery breakage due to voltage drop when using 2 cell Li-Po battery (7.4V). When the battery voltage falls below 6.6V for 2 seconds, this product cuts output in the circuit and protects the battery.  Also, when the battery voltage again exceeds 6.6V, output resumes automatically.

Please stopped use battery, and do the change battery or charging  battery when this function worked.


●Usage notes

■Let's prevent dust from entering

There are Lipo mode select switch in the back of Electrical Switch 3. This Switch is setting for use or not use Lipo mode.
It is not need to operate after Lipo mode setting. So, let's prevent dust problem in the using.

To prevent invasion of dust and foreign matter, when using double sided tape please paste so as to also cover the scoop section.
Similarly when using screw fixing with a transponder holder, please use the screen to cover the switch part with tape etc.

■Please disconnect battery after use.

If left for a long time, the battery will over discharge. because CPU circuit are using small current  even if Power Off.
Especially, LiPo/LiFe batteries are damaged by over discharging, so please be careful.
Please remove the battery after use and when storage.​

■This is only use for Nitoro car (gas powered car) .

Electrical Switch 3 is only use for Nitro car that using battery for receiver and servos.
It is can not use in the Electric powered car.


We are recommend this for Engine car. This will be useful for with engine car.

This products schedule are end of September. Please try it.


Thank you for reading.

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