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This story is about assembly and VR Adjustment. 
You must do the procedure for the first time use of EX-1.


EX-1 is designed by KIY concept.
The three separate modular units can be easily put together, no screws required.
Just push the safety lock of the joint, pull the lever and pull or push to insert or remove the modular unit.
It’s that simple!

First, I will write about joining of 3 units.

(1) Joining of Master Unit and Grip Unit!

1, Remove connector cap from the back of master unit and the tip of Grip unit.
Please hold this connector cap. Because you must use it again after each unit is disassembled.





You can remove connector cap easily by your hand.






2, Please pull up Lock lever on back of Master unit.



3, Making a grip unit joining to the master unit by sliding the pieces together. 
    You will hear mechanical sound when each unit joins .
    This is first lock sound by master unit.





4, Please push lock lever to first position. You will hear mechanical sound.
    This sound is second lock by master unit.
    Lock to each unit are two times. It is safety for lock each unit.


(2)Joining of the Master Unit and Steering Unit! 

1, Please remove connector cap from each unit for joining to each unit.
Note: Please don't forget connector cap.

2,Keep pushing the release button in front of master unit and pull up all lock levers from master unit. 






3,The steering Unit connects to the master unit with careful direction of steering unit.






4,Push lock lever to first position. Locking of each unit is two times  like the grip unit. It is safety to lock each unit.

Please connect Antenna to the master unit.
And insert battery box with 4 pcs of dry battery to the grip unit.





*Connector cap protect connectors from the degradation and the adhesion of dust.



You must do the VR Adjustment  before using the EX-1.
It record information of steering and throttle VR to CPU.

(3) Adjustment of steering
1, Turn on power.

2,An initial-screen is displayed.
  Push 4th button of under the LCD. 




3, System menu is displayed in the screen. Turn a dial to the right.   
And move cursor to  'Adjust ST'.

4, Push Enter(button). AdjustST screen is displayed.


5, Turn the steering wheel to each maximum on either side.
     ST-LEFT and ST-RIGHT  display  value. 


This value is different each unit.






6,Push hold enter button more than 2 second.( don't touch the Steering wheel)
  "COMPLETE" displayed and go back to Initial screen.
   Please release the button.

(4) Adjustment of Throttle.

1,Push 4th button of under the LCD just like  Adjustment of Steering.

2,System menu is displayed in the screen. Turn a dial to the right.   
And move cursor to  'Adjust TH'.
Push Enter(button). AdjustTH screen is displayed.​

 Please operates a trigger to the full throttle and the full brake.

4,TH-HI,TH NUT and TH-LOW displayed value.
This value is different each unit.

5,Push hold enter button more than 2 second.( don't touch the Throttle Trigger)
  "COMPLETE" displayed and go back to Initial screen.
   Please release the button.

You must do Adjustment of Steering and Throttle when you change the unit each time.

These adjustment are very important operation for best performance byfor the EX-1.

One more time, I write operation of Adjustment.

1, System Menu -> 2,AdjustST(TH) ->Push ENTER(button)->3,Wheel(Trigger) Operation -> Push hold enter button 

If you use this transmitter a long time, the part consumes and may not  function correctly and you can not do Adjustment operation.
In such a case, It need to be repaired by our or our distributor.



Thank you for reading.

Next: Pairing of EX-1 and receivers.

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