ICS ServoManager Software Ver2.0.1.0

We have released ICS servo manager Ver2.0.1.0.
Using this manager software, each parameter of the servo can be adjusted.


Download the ZIP file from the following link, and extract and save it to an optional place.
The manual and the software can be used once the file has been extracted.



You must use  Windows vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10  on a PC and our ICS USB AdapterHS.
You must use KO Driver2015  with this software.


Compatible models
   RSx2 Response / Response H.C / Power / Power H.C
   RSx Response / Response H.C / Power / Power H.C
   BSx2 Response / Response H.C / Power / Power H.C
   RSx One10 / Response
   BSx2 One10 Response / Power / Grasper
   RSx 12

 ICS Servo Manager Ver2.0.1.0

*Add English Manual (1st of Sep 2016)


If you need older version. You can down load from here.

 ICS Servo Manager Ver2.0

※2014.2.17 Update manual to Ver1.1


※If you use PDS servo , see here . (ServoManager1.0)

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