RSxone10 TypeS



This time, we will intoduce our new product RSx One10 TypeS.

We have released  line-up of servos "RSx" and "BSx",these are name of our flag ship products. These products were used for a lot of National championship and World championship.

RSx One10TypeS is developement by RSx technology, also we cosidered this price.
This is reasonable price, but this spec is near the hegh class servos. 

RSx One10 TypeS

No. 30120

#Torque: 8.2Kg-cm Speed:0.08sec/60deg(7.4V)
#Torque: 7.0Kg-cm Speed:0.09sec/60deg(6.0V)
#DImensions: 40.5x26.5x21mm(Low Profile)
#Weight: 42.1g



Well, it introduces the characteristic of RSx One10TypeS from the ONE'S eyes which are different from the KOPROPO Products page this time, too.


Just like Speed & Toruque.

Everyone will consider speed and torque of products first when you select servo from market. We tested proto type many time and we developed this for steering of 1/10 car.  Also we added characteristic that can not write by value to this.
Our test in truck is very easy by ICS. Our test in truck is very easy by ICS. Normally, we had to bring many models that have different setting  for testing. We can test only one by changing setting by ICS.

Coreless motor installation!

We used coreless-motor that is good response. So this is good response from operation. So your car will begin to turn when you operate just change direction. We develope by RSx technology to this. If you feel different, you can change setting by ICS.


Metal gear install !

First gear by Plastics, and another gear are made by metal. First gear needed response ,so it  made by plastic that is light weight. Another gear needed strength for shock , so it made by metal that is strong and have durability.
These gear made by different materials, so RSxOne 10 TypeS have reliability.



Aluminum Heat sink with Middle case!

The radiation is important things for Motor. So aluminum heat sink put to middle case.


Light weight by the newly designed structure !

RSxOne10 TypeS is light weight by the newly designed structure.
We considered to less parts count. So this weight is less than 10g from other Low profile servos. 



Installed 3 settings by factory!

Our RSx series servos can record  5 different settings.
RSxOne10 TypeS have  3 settings that installed by factory. These are Model 1(Strong), Model2(Normal), Model3(weak).
You can change these setting by the servo model selector easily.

If you try each 3 settings, you can feel these differential.

Also you can use ICS USB Adaptor HS for change setting. You can make setthing for only you.

Also MODEL4,MODEL5 are same setting as MODEL3.  Let's try change settings for good driving.


Thank you for reading.

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