How to use EX-1 (1)

2013.2.26 < Radios >, EX-1 KIY

I will introduce the information of EX-1(KIY) function and using, etc in this blog.


First What is K.I.Y?
You can select each unit for your car or your driving style.

What is choice from products for me? 
(1)Master Unit
    This is mrain unit in system. It includes radio system
(2)Grip Unit 
    It is composed  by Throttole trigger, Battey box, etc.
(3) Steering Unit
   This is Wheel and some switch unit.

There are some models, Please choice a models of unit from products.
Also if you have some unit, you can change unit by category. 


If you want to cpmplete of package.Please select such a package.

●EX-1 Ver.2(KIY) 2.4GHz FHSS

*This is Grip Unit with Red grip pad 

●EX-1 ASF Ver.2(KIY) For Mini-Z



To be continued

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