EX-2 Select pack

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This time, I will introduce for EX-2 Select pack.
EX-2 compatible for KIY concept, so customee can change each unit.
We released Select Pack which included good option unit already.


Select pack1 (with drop extension)

The steering unit changed to the Drop extension Unit from Standard edition.
Receiver is KR-242FH as same as the Standard Edition.

EX-2 Select Pack1   No.80562 

Funtion of Standard Edition are enough for drive your car. If you like position of the Drop extension, Select pack is just your selection. 
Drop Extension Unit support good position for drive a car for you. Also it is light weight and good balance.
KR-241FH is basic 4ch receiver. It is reasonable price. So if you bought a new car, you can buy the receiver for it easily.

KR-241FH No.21008 

If you want to more response by receiver for try to big race. You can use KR-413FH receiver.
This is micro size and high responce receiver. If you  want to more good position in the race, it is useful selection.

KR-413FH No.21007


Slect Pack2(with Drop Extension + Battery Stand )

The steering unit is Drop Extension unit as same as the Select pack1. And Stand in the grip unit change to Battery stand unit.

EX-2 Select pack 2  No.10563

Usable minimum volatage 2V/cell(life battery)

And battery dimension for Battery stand are left image. 
It is as same as many battery for receiver. 









Thank you for reading.


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