2016 European Championship

2016.7.14 <Race Report>, World

1:8 Offroad European Championship opend in  Redvan Spain. Mr.Robert battle used EX-2 Radio in this year.
His semi final result is 3rd position. And he had machine problem and stops when driviing top position in final. 

2016 EFRA 1/8th Offroad European Championship is big race. A lot of driver in Euro joins this race.
Track is large scale which lap time is 52 to 54 sec with hard work.
Mr. Robert battle took top position in 17lap. And he took distance from 2nd position. 

In 40Laps, Suddenly Mr.Robert stopped. Also Mr.Ronnefolk in 2nd Position stopped in same laps.

They retired the race .

Result   Winner Mr.Elliott boots(Kyosho), 2nd Mr.Yannik Aigoin(Xray),  3rd Neil Cragg(AE)

I will introduce our driver in final.

3rd Mr.Neil Cragg(UK) 
He using ESPRIT 4 radio and Servo RSx2 Response HC(Steering and Throttle). 


4th Mr.Darren Bloomfield(UK)
He using ESPRIT 4 radio and Servo RSx2 PORER HC


9th Mr.Marco Baruffalo(Italy)
He Using EX-2 Radio(Expert set), RSx2 Power HC(Steering), RSx2 POWER(Throttle).


10th Mr.Robert battle(Spain)
He using EX-2 Expert Set ,KR-413FH Receiver. His servo are others by his contract.

Our drinver is 4 persons at  final in this 2016 EURO.

Above article mentioned by cooperation of Red RC.
Thank you for reading.

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